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Social Bookmarking2

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Social Bookmarking2

Social Bookmarking Social BookmarkingSocial Bookmarking is the term that is used to describe the creation and sharing of ‘bookmarks’ on the Internet. These ‘bookmarks’ or links that point to either websites or other online content are created as Internet users come across something of Interest online that they either wish to share with others or would like to be able to find easily again at some time in the future. Entire social bookmarking websites have been setup strictly for the purpose of storing and organizing these ‘bookmarks’.

While almost everyone is probably familiar with the concept of bookmarking an interesting website locally in their web browser, local bookmarks are only accessible while using the computer the bookmark was created on.

The advantage of creating bookmarks on a social bookmarking service is twofold: first the bookmarks are readily accessible from any computer that has an Internet connection, and second; the bookmarks that are stored on the social bookmarking service can be made public thereby allowing the sharing of bookmarks with friends, colleagues, and anyone else who might be interested in the content.

To help facilitate this group sharing of bookmarks the social bookmarking sites allow for the creation of categories and tags. This makes it easier for someone who may be searching for bookmarks that are related to a specific topic to find appropriate bookmarks that match their criteria. Many of the sites also allow bookmarks to be forwarded to others through email accounts.

Many online marketers use social bookmarking services to help increase exposure and traffic to their target website(s).