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Twitter Timeline Slider Pro

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Twitter Timeline Slider Pro

Twitter Timeline Slider Pro (Module) for Joomla! – Display Tweets, Favorites, Lists, Searches or Custom Streams

Joomla Version Compatibility Information – This package includes: (1 Module)

Twitter Timeline Slider Pro for Joomla! 2.5-3.x – Version 1.00 Updated 11-15-2015

  • 1 Module


General Overview:

  • ➤ Display Tweets for an individual User

  • ➤ Showing of all Favorites for any Public Twitter User

  • ➤ Display any Public Twitter List

  • ➤ Display any Search Query or Hashtag Stream

  • ➤ Display a Custom Defined Tweet Stream


All of the following style variations are available in the module configuration settings:


  • Theme: Light or Dark.

  • Link color: Note that some icons in the widget will also appear this color.

  • Width:  (units are pixels.)

  • Height: (units are pixels.)

  • Styling: Controls the widget layout and appearance:

  • noheader: Hides the timeline header.

  • nofooter: Hides the timeline footer and Tweet box, if included in the Twitter Timeline Widget you choose.

  • noborders: Removes all borders within the widget (between Tweets, cards, around the widget.) See also: border-color .

  • noscrollbar: Crops and hides the main timeline scrollbar, if visible. Please consider that hiding standard user interface components can affect the accessibility of your website.

  • transparent: Removes the background color.

  • Border color: Change the border color used by the widget. Takes an #abc123 hex format color.

  • Language: The widget language is detected from the page, based on the HTML lang attribute of your content. You can also set the HTML lang attribute manually.

  • Tweet limit: To fix the size of a timeline to a preset number of Tweets use this setting. Since the widget is of a fixed size, it will not poll for updates when using this option.

  • Web Intent Related Users: As per the Tweet and follow buttons, you may provide a comma-separated list of user screen names as suggested followers to a user after they reply, Retweet, or favorite a Tweet in the timeline.


Installation and Configuration


  • Download the Module from our website.

  • Login to your Joomla backend and click ‘Extension Manager”.

  • Click the ‘Browse’ button and find the location where you saved the download to your computer.

  • Select the module that you wish to install.

  • Press ‘Upload & Install’.

  • Under ‘Extensions’ on the Menu select ‘Module Manager’.

  • In ‘Filter’ type ‘Twitter Timeline Slider’ and click ‘Go’.

  • Click on ‘Twitter Timeline Slider’ to open the Module Configuration.

  • Set your module position (try debug).

  • Change the module status to ‘Published’.

  • Set your menu assignment to the pages where you wish the module to display.

  • Choose the Type of Timeline that you wish to display.

  • Log into your Twitter account and search for Twitter Widget (or use this link

  • Using Twitter create the type of Widget you wish to display and save it.

  • It is important that you create a Twitter Widget of the same type that you select in the Joomla module.

  • Click on the embed code and look for the ‘Twitter ID’ number (you will need this in the Joomla configuration).


See the Demo